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Monitoring X-ray Beams with Highest Precision
The A4 Diamond XBPM Monitor is developed for high-precision X-ray beam diagnostics. It is used at experimental beam lines of Synchrotron Light Sources for beam position and beam intensity monitoring. The high transparency and the phantastic spatial resolution makes it perfectly suited as monitor for soft as well as hard X-ray beams.

The ROSY® AX106 readout system completes the A4 Diamond XBPM Monitor to a ready-to-use diagnostics system at Synchrotron Light Sources. Its dedicated XBPM Application provides real-time diagnostics of the beam position, intensity and profile at high analogue bandwidth. A controller for the horizontal and vertical X-ray beam position is provided with two 16-bit DAC outputs.
The A4 is available as remotely controlled X-Ray Beam Position Monitoring System including ROSY®
with integrated power supply and GUI, for feedback loops of beam position controls.
Detector type:
Diamond XBPM Detector
Sensor thickness:
50 μm
> 90% for 7.8 keV X-rays
Position resolution:
10-3 of the X-ray beam size
Amplifiers (4 pieces):
Electrometer Amplifiers
The A4 Diamond XBPM Monitor can be provided with application specific designs:
  • 20 μm diamond sensor thickness for maximum beam transparency.
  • Full XBPM Monitoring System including ROSY® AX106 with integrated real-time XBPM Application. This system can be integrated into any control system.
  • Full XBPM Monitoring System including ROSY® AX106 with XBPM Application and integrated power supply, as autonomous beam monitoring system, which can be included into any control system.
The A4 Diamond XBPM Monitor can be adapted to the specific needs of the experimental beam line. The Diamond XBPM Monitor covers the X-ray intensity range from 105 to 1015 photons/s.

The operating conditions for our standard DC-coupled amplifiers are illustrated in the Figure. The Electrometer Amplifiers are configured to optimally protect the μ-gap® of the XBPM during operation.

A4 Diamond XBPM Monitor

This product information download contains the following CIVIDEC documents :
XBPM at Diamond Light Source Ltd.
The Diamond XBPM detector was developed in cooperation with the Diamond Light Source Ltd., Oxford/UK, with the goal to provide a precision instrument with high X-ray transmission. Several CIVIDEC Diamond XBPM are in use at experimental beam lines of DLS.
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