CIVIDEC Instrumentation specializes in high-speed, low-noise preamplifiers such as Broadband Amplifiers, Charge Amplifiers and Electrometer Amplifiers.

Broadband Amplifiers:

> Our C1 and C2 Broadband Amplifiers provide 2 GHz bandwidth with 20 dB & 40 dB gain. These ultra-fast preamplifiers are used for particle detection and for pulse-shape analysis.

> The C2-TCT Amplifier provides best possible performance for TCT measurements with 10 kHz low-cutoff and excellent linearity.

> All Broadband Amplifiers have an input protection and optionally a built-in Bias-T with HV-filtering.

Charge Amplifiers:

> Our C6 Charge Amplifier is outstandingly fast with a gaussian pulse shape with FWHM = 10 ns. Its excellent signal-to-noise ratio is optimized for particle detection and fast spectroscopy.

> The Cx Spectroscopic Shaping Amplifier has an extremely low noise level and it is optimized for high-rate high-resolution spectroscopy. FWHM = 180 ns.

> The Cx-L Spectroscopic Amplifier is made for high input capacitive loads, in particular for up to 10 m long cables between the detector and the amplifier. FWHM = 180 ns.

Electrometer Amplifiers:

> Our C8 Electrometer Amplifiers are used for the XBPM - Monitors, where a large dynamic range from pico-ampère to micro-ampère can be amplified with lowest noise figures.