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The DD-Neutron Counter
The Diamond DD-Fusion Neutron Monitor is designed for neutron flux monitoring in fusion reactor applications, where Deuterium-Deuterium Fusion is providing 2.45 MeV neutrons. The detector is optimised for the rejection of γ-background. The Spectroscopic Amplifier allows the installation of a coaxial cable between detector and amplifier for the operation in high-radiation environments.
The A9 is available as remotely controlled Fast-Neutron Monitoring System including ROSY®
with integrated power supply and GUI, for real-time neutron spectroscopy in fusion reactors.
Detector type:
Fast-Neutron Diamond Detector for DD-Neutrons
Active area::
4 mm x 4 mm
Neutron energies::
> 1 MeV
Neutron detection efficiency::
By threshold
In DD-Fusion Plasma reactors the response function of the Diamond Fast-Neutron Detector is dominated by the elastic scattering of neutrons on the Carbon nuclei. The maximum deposited energy in the diamond sensor is below 1 MeV.

The real-time measurement of the DD-spectrum (Figure) with the ROSY® Readout System is well in accordance with Geant4 simulations.

A threshold of 0.4 MeV will effectively suppress γ-radiation. The neutron count rate can be derived from interactions above this threshold. The neutron detection efficiency can be enhanced by adding additional sensors to the detector.

A9 Diamond DD-Fusion Neutron Monitor

Diamond Matrix Detector for ITER-RNC
CIVIDEC has developed the Diamond Matrix Detector for the ITER Radial Neutron Camera (RNC). The prototype, containing 12 sCVD crystals of 50 μm thickness, was successfully tested and validated by F4E. The final detectors will be equipped with 30 sCVD crystals, interconnected as two detector channels. The Diamond Matrix Detectors will measure the spectrum and flux of 2.45 MeV and 14 MeV neutrons from DD- and DT-fusion in the ITER plasma, giving information on the temperature and spatial distribution of the fusion plasma.
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