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The Fast-Neutron Counter
The Diamond DT-Fusion Neutron Monitor is designed for neutron flux monitoring in fusion reactor applications, where Deuterium-Tritium Fusion is providing 14 MeV neutrons. The Cx-L Spectroscopic Amplifier allows the installation of a coaxial cable between detector and amplifier for the operation in high-radiation environments.
The A3 is available as remotely controlled Fast-Neutron Monitoring System including ROSY®
with integrated power supply and GUI, for real-time neutron spectroscopy in fusion reactors.
Detector type:
Fast-Neutron Diamond Detector for DT-Neutrons
Active volume:
4 mm x 4 mm x 0.5 mm
Neutron energies:
> 6 MeV
Neutron detection efficiency:
Energy resolution:
20 keV FWHM
The A3 Diamond DT-Fusion Neutron Monitor can be provided with alternative detector designs and as self-standing monitoring system:
  • Slim detectors with Ø12 mm for the insertion into confined spaces.
  • Temperature resistant detectors up to 500 K.
  • Vacuum compatible detectors up to UHV.
  • ROSY® AX106 Readout System with integrated power supplies for detector and amplifier.
  • Remotely controlled Neutron Spectroscopy Application for real-time neutron beam monitoring.
The A3 Diamond DT-Fusion Neutron Monitor is especially suited for DT-Fusion Plasma applications, where the 12C(n,α)9Be reaction is used to measure the neutron flux in real time.

The spectrum of 14 MeV neutrons recorded with the DT-Fusion Neutron Monitor, using the Cx-L Spectroscopic Amplifier is shown in the Figure.

The characteristic structures of the detector response function can clearly be distinguished from each other. The separated peak of 12C(n,α)9Be is used for neutron flux monitoring in 14 MeV neutron beams.
A3 Diamond DT-Fusion Neutron Monitor

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