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X-Ray Beam Position Monitoring System
with Feedback Control
XANDY is the data acquisition system, power controller and monitoring unit for the Diamond XBPM® detector. It is used at experimental beam lines of Synchrotron Light Sources to measure the beam position and intensity of the X-Ray beam and it provides 2-channel analogue feedback for the control of beam line elements. Switchable Electrometer Amplifiers are included for the 4 detector channels A,B,C,D.

For beam stabilisation, two DAC outputs give feedback from the integrated PID controller to beam line elements.
XBPM readout and feedback system
Input channels:
Integrated amplifier:
Electrometer Amplifier (1 pA ... 1 mA)
Sampling rate:
1 Hz - 1 MHz
Browser-based GUI + API
Input and output connections are available on the rear side of XANDY. 4 input channels (A-D) are available, with each a switchable and remotely controlled amplifier (1 pA ... 1 mA). The bias voltage for the XBPM® detector (0 - 50 V) is provided and DAC 1 and DAC 2 are used for feedback control of beam line elements (16-bit, ± 10 V). The data acquisition can be controlled when an analogue trigger signal is provided via 'ExTrigg'.
XANDY is remotely controlled via LAN, can be integrated in the local network and controlled via the provided API for integration in control systems (EPICS, TANGO).
A browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) is provided for the control and monitoring of XANDY. The data acquisition and amplifier settings, as well as the bias voltage output are set in the 'Settings' panel. The actual measurement values are monitored in the 'Statistics' panel and displayed graphically for easy monitoring. Data is stored in HDF5 format and downloaded via the 'Download' button.

XANDY can as well be operated via an API, which allows its integration in control system, such as EPICS and TANGO. The data download can be automated and streamlined for the monitoring of the beamline.
Low-noise transimpedance amplifiers are included to amplify the input signal from the Diamond XBPM® detector. The low input impedance of these amplifiers protects the 2 μm gap of the detector from over-voltages in the case of asymmetric beam loads.

The amplifiers are switchable, via the browser-based GUI or the API, and cover input currents from 1 pA up to 1 mA. This allows to adjust to the beam intensity and energy at the given beam line. The graphics shows the example of a 20 μm XBPM® detector for different X-ray beams.

XBPM at Diamond Light Source Ltd.
The Diamond XBPM detector was developed in cooperation with the Diamond Light Source Ltd., Oxford/UK, with the goal to provide a precision instrument with high X-ray transmission. Several CIVIDEC Diamond XBPM are in use at experimental beam lines of DLS.
XBPM at MAX IV Laboratory
The CIVIDEC Diamond nano-XBPM is used at the NanoMAX and BioMAX beam lines of the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund/Sweden. The XBPM detectors are used to monitor sub-μm X-ray beams of 5-30 keV energy with highest precision.
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