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E2old ROSY® AX106
Real-Time Data Acquisition and Processing System
ROSY® AX106 is made for real-time acquisition of signals generated by CIVIDEC diamond detectors. ROSY® AX106 provides dedicated real-time applications for timing applications or beam loss diagnostics at accelerators. Data is transmitted via Ethernet from the embedded Linux-based device server to the users control system or desktop. A graphical user interface provides an efficient online monitoring and data storage.
Readout system for timing applications
Number of channels:
Analogue bandwidth:
250 MHz
Sampling frequency:
5 GS/s
On the rear side of ROSY® all input and output connections are made. As input 4 analogue measurement channels (A-D) and a trigger input (Trig IN) are provided.
The power supply includes a HV Output for the detector bias, ±15 V as power supply for DC amplifiers and +12 V for AC amplifiers. Two analogue outputs (DAC1-2) are available as feedback for control systems. ROSY® is remotely controlled via LAN. DHCP mode is available on request for the integration into networks.
E2old ROSY® AX106

Beam Loss Monitors at LHC
Diamond Beam Loss Monitors are in use as fast beam loss monitors at the CERN-LHC, Geneva/Switzerland, since 2010. They are used to measure beam losses synchronous to the revolution period of the accelerator. The dedicated electronic chain of the Diamond Beam Loss Monitors includes AC-DC splitters to allow measuring bunch-to-bunch losses as well as the integrated loss on the DC path. For the real-time analysis of the LHC Diamond Beam Loss Monitors ROSY® AX106 is in operation as time loss histogram monitor.
Diamond Detectors in CROCUS
A reactor physics research campaign at the CROCUS reactor at EPFL, Lausanne/Switzerland, has led to the development of our compact design detectors. The A7 Diamond Thermal-Neutron Monitor is used with a compact B6-C detector for in-core measurements at this research reactor. ROSY® provides the spectra of thermal neutrons, γ and fast-neutrons in real-time with the Selective Spectroscopy Application.
Neutron beam characterization at ATI
At the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics of the Technische Universität Wien, the B6 Thermal-Neutron Diamond Detector was used in 2017 to characterize the new white neutron beam line. Beam profile, neutron flux, γ-background and the amount of fast neutrons in this new beam line was measured in real-time with ROSY®.
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