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Nanometer Precision for X-ray Beams
The B9 Diamond XBPM Detector is used for the control of the beam position in experimental beam lines at Synchrotron Light Sources. This detector is an intercepting four-quadrant X-ray beam position detector. The B9 Diamond XBPM Detector provides high X-ray transparency and is therefore suited for soft X-rays beams. The detector is UHV compatible.

The μ-gap® of the Diamond XBPM Detector makes it most suitable for high-precision measurements of X-ray beams with a beam diameter in the sub-micron range: a nanometer position resolution is provided for sub-micron beams, and 10-3 of the beam size for standard beam sizes, respectively.
Ideal for precision measurements of X-ray beams in the sub-μm range.
Sensor material:
sCVD diamond
Sensor thickness:
50 μm
Electrode structure:
4 pads with μ-gap®
Electrode material:
Active area:
3 mm in diameter
The B9 Diamond XBPM Detector is available in two configurations:
  • nano-XBPM for sub-micron X-ray beams in the nm range.
  • micro-XBPM for X-ray beams in the μm range.
The Diamond XBPM Detector is used for X-ray beam profile measurements. An example is shown in the Figure, where the profile of an elliptical 13 keV X-ray beam with 20 μm x 10 μm was measured with a step size of 6 μm.

The excellent homogeneity of the Diamond XBPM Sensor allows to perfectly reproduce the beam profile.
The excellent transparency of the Diamond XBPM detector prevents the disturbance of the X-ray beam. The transmission of the detector is >90% for X-ray energies above 7.8 keV. This makes it best suited as beam monitor at the experimental beam lines of Synchrotron Light Sources

The detector has a linear response to the beam intensity of X-ray beams over 10 orders of magnitude. The beam position as well as the beam intensity is measured with this beam-intercepting monitoring device.
B9 Diamond XBPM Detector

This product information download contains the following CIVIDEC documents :
XBPM at Diamond Light Source Ltd.
The Diamond XBPM detector was developed in cooperation with the Diamond Light Source Ltd., Oxford/UK, with the goal to provide a precision instrument with high X-ray transmission. Several CIVIDEC Diamond XBPM are in use at experimental beam lines of DLS.
XBPM at MAX IV Laboratory
The CIVIDEC Diamond nano-XBPM is used at the NanoMAX and BioMAX beam lines of the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund/Sweden. The XBPM detectors are used to monitor sub-μm X-ray beams of 5-30 keV energy with highest precision.
Applications of single-crystal CVD diamond XBPM detectors with nanometre x-ray beams
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The Use of Single-Crystal CVD Diamond as a Position sensitive X-Ray Detector
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